Advantages of financing solution

In a world of increasing competition, it is absolutely necessary for our customers to have access to the equipment they need, exactly when and where they need it. To facilitate this, we offer various forms of financing solutions.

Some of the advantages of a financing solution:

Keep up with technology development

At the end of the financing period, many of our customers choose to upgrade to new equipment, which is a simple and economical way to keep up with today's rapid technological development. Alternatively, you can buy the equipment outright or continue the financing with considerable savings.

One bill

Financing facilitates administration. All equipment, technology, maintenance, insurance, services and other related acquisition costs that you collect under a financing agreement will be received on an invoice.

Free up capital

Instead of paying the full cost of the equipment at once, you pay as you use it. Because the credit lines are kept intact, our customers get increased purchasing power and do not tie up any working capital. Financing can also mean tax advantages.


We include low deductible insurance so you always have access to working equipment.

Fixed monthly cost

Fixed payments make the budgeting process more transparent and make it easier to predict cash flow.

Buy as a service

With us, you can finance the entire investment – equipment, software, shipping, installation, service, training, etc. Everything is financed in one package!