Our Data Center

For us, there is no doubt that your IT should be secure and available. You should be able to concentrate the power of your organization on the core business and know that you can rely on underlying services and components.

Therefore, we have chosen a really good, secure and redundant building for your IT to live and change over time. A data center that has undergone a complete interior renovation and all infrastructure components for power supply, backup power, cooling and communication have been replaced with new technology according to modern innovative operating methodology.

Building and construction

The facility was built and initially put into use in the mid-80s. It was built for mainframe operation and to meet the high demands placed on protection from external influences, such as ground vibrations from traffic and nature.

The construction is in three levels, two of which are intended for large-scale data operations and the third is office space. Walls and all roofs are built in 50 cm reinforced concrete. The base plate is shock-absorbed directly on the rock. The floors in the data halls are cast at level for underlying ventilation and power supply and to avoid building on top. The building is extremely secure in its construction – an above ground bunker.

Operation and technology

In 2012, the building underwent a total interior renovation and replacement of all operating components such as transformer, switchgear, reserve power and cooling system. This is to combine and harmonize the safest, with also being the most stable and best environment for IT operations. And in a way we meet the high demands of today's IT deliveries.

Redundant electricity supply takes place through ring-fed high voltage to its own transformer from two geographically different sources and methods.

The temperature and humidity of the data halls are controlled by redundant cooling systems.

Redundant fiber connections via geographically separate routes for uninterrupted data communication. A diesel generator and redundant UPS are used for reserve power.

The reserve power undergoes monthly functional tests as well as so-called load tests against the high-voltage grid every quarter.

Green data center

The environment is important to us and we use 100% renewable energy, the primary part of which is locally produced. The reserve power is powered by EcoPar®, which is an environmental fuel extracted from natural gas. The fuel provides advantages from both an environmental and work environment perspective. Argonite, for firefighting, is a mixture of natural gases and is not dangerous to inhale and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect or depletion of the ozone layer.

Security and accessibility

The data center is video-monitored both externally and internally and is located in a fenced area, and is equipped with an intelligent and automated entry and alarm system where all activity is logged and automatically analyzed. The data center is guarded by patrolling guards.

Each data hall is equipped with differentiated smoke detector systems with an alarm directly connected to the Rescue Service. Detector identified fire or smoke development triggers the extinguishing system consisting of Argonite. This type of extinguishing effectively lowers the oxygen content in the space and leaves no residual products when extinguishing the fire.

"Global" data center

The data center is part of a global infrastructure and interconnected with other data centers for the possibility of geographically dispersed redundant solutions. We can also establish hybrid solutions between our data centers and your existing IT function, whether it is located locally with you or in a third-party data center.

Building and construction
  • Year of construction: 1986 (completely renovated in 2012)
  • Walls: Reinforced concrete (50 cm)
  • Foundation: Shock-absorbing concrete slab directly on rock Number of data halls: 3 pcs
  • Data hall area: 1,000 m2
  • Floor: 60 cm raised computer floor
Operation and technology
  • Tier 3, if necessary Tier 4
  • Ring-fed high voltage 22 kV to own transformer
  • Initial capacity: 4 MW, scalable up to 13 MW
  • Redundant UPS 550 kW (Eaton 9395, N+1)
  • Backup power generator 700 KVA (Volvo Penta/Broadcrown)
  • Redundant cooling system (Climaveneta, N+1)
  • Redundant fiber connections with geographically separate routes
  • 100% renewable energy, the primary part of which is locally produced
  • Environmental fuel (EcoPar®) for reserve power
  • Safety Burglary and shell protection Protection class 3
  • Video surveillance with recording
  • Alarm and entry system with log of all activities
  • Surveillance by patrolling guards with spot checks

Fire safety

  • Fire protection class EI120
  • Two-zone detection in the floor and ceiling of each individual data hall
  • Fire alarm directly connected to the Rescue Service
  • The object is classified as a Rescue Service facility
  • Argonite as primary fire extinguishing agent
Processes and routines
  • The plant is operated according to ISO/IEC 27002:2005 and KBM 2006:1