EIPCLOUD SOS (Security Operation Service)

For us at European IP Cloud AB, protection of our customers' data and systems is always the highest priority. However, this task becomes increasingly difficult as attacks become more sophisticated, employees use different types of devices and applications, and data flows in and out of your business in more ways. For us, it is important to constantly balance these challenges with the need to collaborate, innovate and develop a company.

Today, a multifaceted security solution is needed that constantly protects all endpoints, detects early signs of a breach and reacts before damage occurs. Regardless of how strong a defense is built up, preventive measures are no longer enough. A "breach preparedness" strategy that includes measures for identification and response is required. Today, this is part of the risk management we do for many of our customers.

EIPCLOUD SOS (Security Operation Service) is a service where we take a comprehensive approach to our customers' security. EIPCLOUD SOS uses a combination of traditional methods such as antivirus, and new innovations such as UEBA (user and entity behavior analytics) and EDR (endpoint detection and response) which, together with the staff of our Helpdesk, constantly monitor our customers' systems and take necessary measures.

We need to protect against advanced threats and prepare so we can recover quickly after an attack. We believe that protection against threats is about being able to protect our customers against advanced cyber attacks. In addition, we must be able to obtain solutions that identify suspicious behavior within the organization. Since no security solution is 100% effective either, processes and tools must be in place to quickly react to threats, minimize damage and limit the effects of an attack.

With EIPCLOUD SOS, you can relax and fully focus on your own business and let us take care of the security work. Within the framework of EIPCLOUD SOS, we always adapt the security solution based on your unique conditions and the current threat picture.

Example Vulnerability Management:

Please contact Peter Myrefjord for more information on how your company can join EIPCLOUD SOS and let us take care of the security work for your company.