EIPCLOUD Colocation

Colocation of all or parts of IT functions will streamline and free up time, knowledge and resources to give the core business its full support. We have built a concept around colocation that takes responsibility for accessibility and further development of IT. A concept that your IT function can operate and change without locking you into technical solutions or perplexities.


We have taken advantage of the opportunity to meet the requirements that IT systems and functions place on security and continuity, requirements that are difficult and costly to meet in-house. EIPCLOUD Colocation complements or completely replaces the need for your own data centers and gives you the opportunity to trim your IT organization to focus on technology layers above the infrastructure.

EIPCLOUD Colocation is based on the secure and flexible infrastructure our data center offers – a solid platform for uninterrupted and  cost-effective IT. A foundation that creates the conditions for you to focus on core business and even, even precede, business and customer needs in IT.

EIPCLOUD Colocation adds momentum to your IT to meet and exceed goals and accelerate your business.

Environment to operate in

We give you access to a hall area or computer cabinet, or a combination of these, where your equipment is installed and made available. Electricity supply and  data communication are supplied to each  drop-off point (surface or data cabinet).

Through well-established processes and routines for change management, as well as through workspaces, tools and infrastructure that allow simplified management of computer equipment, you can manage maintenance and changes in a good way.

Each locker is locked to which only you have a key. In addition to our basic offer colocation-in-a-box, we of course also offer the opportunity to contract advanced data cabinets, enclosed areas or your own data center.

Accessibility is key

Data center infrastructure and components ensure that your IT function is available to your business and users. Equally important is that you can physically access your IT function when you want and need it without unnecessary hassle.

We have skipped complicating methods and procedures and have therefore provided the data center with an intelligent and automated alarm system. Without pre-registration, you have access to the data center around the clock every day of the year with a personal access card with photo and associated code.

A virtual datacenter

One consequence of changing needs over time is that IT is rarely from the same generation, according to the same delivery model, built on the same methodology or product. Based on when something was bought or agreed, financial aspects also come into the picture.

In some cases, you want to wait before moving things out of your own management to an external function. With our colocation concept, we do not lock in IT or rush decisions. We take into account influencing factors and that decisions can be made when the time is right.

By establishing a virtual data center, combined with our scalable virtual  firewall services, your IT can coexist and  operate in an efficient, dynamic and hybrid IT function. As needs change, scalable power and efficiency are added from virtual and  dedicated servers, our unique storage platform, and load balancing services, all managed through our dashboard.

EIPCLOUD Colocation is much more than traditional colocation. Your IT can grow and change without  the costly purchase of infrastructure and specialized skills. EIPCLOUD Colocation is a way to face the future -  in a hybrid IT function, in a dynamic virtual data center.

We are always available to discuss the best and most cost-effective options for your solution. We can also support or perform complete design of IT environments. Please reach out to us.