Backup Services

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Do you need a third-party service for increased backup?

In many cases the recovery options do not meet the needs or that there are regulatory requirements that require backups to be stored longer. With our Microsoft 365 Backup service, you can store important documents and files, at the time that suits you and your organization.  The time required for the preservation of Backup is set at the time of installation. We offer quick and easy access to your files in OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange. Both the configuration  and the reinstallation  are processes that are quick and smooth. Once the configuration is complete, an automatic backup is performed several times a day to ensure that no files or folders are lost. We ensure that the service is active and works so that you can feel confident with a secure IT investment in the organization.


Deleted items from OneDrive and SharePoint land in the Recycle Bin on the site and can be recovered by you who manage the account for 30 days by default. After the 30 days, it is possible for an administrator from a second Recycle Bin, the site collection Recycle Bin, to recreate the files. Here too, it is timed and the total time for files in the two recycle bins is 93 days, after which it is not possible to recover any deleted files. 


A deleted email is in the trash for 30 days and during this time you as a user can take it back. Should the bin be removed during these 30 days or the 30 days have passed, only an administrator can restore the mail within 14 days, and change the setting to 30 days.


The calendar and your messages hosted in Teams are stored in Exchange Online, while channels and files are stored in SharePoint Online. If an entire group is deleted, it is easy to restore with the help of the administrative staff for 30 days. Channels that you access can  be restored within 21 days.